Irbid Governorate

Irbid Governorate consists of nine districts and eighteen sub-districts with total population of 1,867,000 and total area of 1,572 square kilometers. This governorate has the highest capita per square kilometer in the country. The male to female ratio is 51.67% to 48.33%.
Due to the fertile soils, 70% of this governorate lands are arable which counts for 13.5% of the total arable lands of the total country.
Crops grown in Irbid include olives, citrus fruits, and grain. Irbid serves as one of the educational centers of Jordan; there are three governmental universities and two private universities. Irbid Governorate has three major industrial zones Jordan Cyper City, Al-Hassan Industrial Estate and Gateway QIZ.
Due to the Geographical location in the North Western part of Jordan, it plays a major role as an industrial and trading center. It plays a role as a cultural center due to number of historical towns and archaeological sites.