TAO has its own organizational capacity to perform operational and campaigning activities with the support of partnerships, financial donations and volunteer labor. The variety forms of activities targeted to be performed by TAO for small and large scale projects are as follows :

Operational Activities

TAO has already performed and will continue to perform operational activities for the development of different facilities and services to protect, enhance and empower communities in different aspects and reduce vulnerabilities through building and rehabilitation activities, training, and building capacities activities.
One of the most important operational activities TAO is capable to perform is third party monitoring to provide information and analysis through establishment of monitoring system and dashboards for measuring indicators and achievements in order to promote accountability.
Other operational activities targeted by TAO are logistics services, to include but not limited to procurement, coordination, movement, distribution, and allocation of resources.
TAO also has the capacity for events management activities and to act as a steering group. The activities include planning and managing operational and administrative tasks, also creating, developing and implementing an event model for other organizations.

Campaigning Activities

Awareness and Lobbying programs are targeted by TAO to change the mindset of the community through partnership and/or cooperation with governmental and non-governmental bodies, media, other NGO’s and other type of organizations and corporate. The campaigns’ initiatives aim enlightening, informing and raising the awareness and consciousness of communities with particular idea or belief, norms, issues and problems. The type of campaign will be selected according to the targeted beneficiaries to ensure a maximum reach.

Other Activities

Counseling and psychotherapy sessions to improve the personal identity and well being of special groups and individuals who went through compelling circumstances such as warfare, force displacement, sexual harassment, social isolation, or any abuse or threat on a person’s life. The sessions aim for prevention or treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder. As well as refugee’s psycho social adjustment due to cross-cultural perspectives.