Think About Others


Activities in the first three months of the year:

  • Distribution of aid packages and gas/cash vouchers to 81 families in the Talabiyeh camp in Zizia.
  • Distribution of aid packages to 50 families in the Gaza camp in Jerash.
  • Distribution of 30 gas vouchers and 22 cash vouchers to families in the Jerash camp.
  • Payment of 160 Jordanian Dinars for overdue rent for a needy family , along with providing them with food supplies and gas worth 100 Jordanian Dinars.

Ramadan Campaign:

  • Distribution of coupons to 34 families in Deir Alla in Al-Ghawr Al-Wustah worth 30 Jordanian Dinars per coupon.
  • Distribution of 65 aid packages in the Gaza camp in Jerash and 5 aid packages to families in Amman.
  • Distribution of 30 aid packages in the Talabiyeh camp in Zizia.
  • Distribution of 30 aid packages in Al-Shouna Al-Janoubiyeh.
  • Distribution of 30 aid packages in the Ain Al-Basha and Al-Baqaa areas.
  • Distribution of Eid clothing coupons to 20 children worth 15 Jordanian Dinars per coupon.
  • Iftar for 25 national workers on the occasion of Labor Day in Al-Shouna Al-Janoubiyeh in cooperation with the Princess Basma Center.
  • Taking orphans from the Burma area to City Mall where they played and had breakfast.

Eid Al-Adha Campaign:

  • Purchasing Eid clothes for 30 orphaned children and distributing Eid gifts to them in cooperation with the Production Charity Association.
  • Visiting some elderly people in Amman and Al-Zarqa, providing them with food parcels, clothing, and some medicines according to their needs.
  • Distributing sacrificial meat to around 60 needy families in Amman, the Talabiyeh camp, and Al-Shouna Al-Janoubiyeh.
  • Taking 25 children from the Oman Children’s Care Home to City Mall, where they played and had lunch.

Back to School Campaign:

  • Purchasing school uniforms for 48 female students in the Gaza camp in Jerash.
  • Distributing school bags and stationery to 50 male and female students in the Sakhnah camp in northern Zarqa Governorate, along with providing female students with school uniforms and distributing symbolic gifts worth 5 Jordanian Dinars to the students.

Winter Campaign:

  • Distributing gas heaters and blankets to 20 families in Al-Tafila and distributing 20 Jordanian Dinar gas coupons along with a portion of meat (2 kilograms per family) in cooperation with the Princess Basma Center.
Additional Activities:
  • Payment of a university installment for the summer semester (graduation semester) for a student at Al-Balqa Applied University.
  • Payment of university fees for the summer and first semesters for a student at Al-Zarqa University.
  • Organizing a social and recreational activity for 51 children from the Burma area in Jerash in cooperation with the Jerusalem Insurance Company in the 11th month.


Think About Other Association carried out various activities and initiatives :
  • January: Renovated a storage facility for a family in Gaza Camp and converted it into a grocery store.
  • Covered the expenses for a dental operation for a child with autism in the camp.
  • February: Donated COVID-19 medication to patients in the Tafila Governorate. Also assisted a widow in paying part of her daughter’s university tuition at Hashemite University.
  • Provided support to Filipino students at Mutah University.
  • Ramadan (April-May): Distributed cash amounts to 35 families in Shouneh Al-Janoubiyeh, amounting to 20 JD per family.
  • Distributed cash amounts to 30 families in Shouneh Al-Janoubiyeh, amounting to 30 JD per family.
  • Distributed food parcels to 50 families, valued at 50 JD each.
  • Distributed holiday gifts to 49 orphans: coupons worth 25 JD each, in collaboration with the Production Association.
  • June: Assisted a struggling female student at the Islamic Sciences University.
  • Sent aid to a Pakistani woman in need.
  • July (Eid Al-Adha): Distributed clothes and Eid gifts to 50 orphans in collaboration with the Production Charity Association.
  • Distributed sacrificial meat to 27 families in the Shouneh Al-Janoubiyeh area.
  • August: In collaboration with the “Al-Mismiyah” Association in Al-Baqaa Camp, distributed stationery and school bags to 70 students.
  • December: Distributed 48 coupons worth 25 JD each for purchasing groceries from Samah Mall as support for needy families.
  • As for the activities of the Social Committee, the committee has made commendable efforts in coordinating and implementing a very successful program aimed at introducing the association and its objectives through engagement with the local community. The following are the achievements of the committee:
  • June: General Assembly meeting in the garden of Ms. Wasal Shihadeh.
  • July: Iftar at the Jabri Restaurant + a trip to Ajloun Reserve.
  • August: A trip to Wadi Ibn Hammad.
  • September: A trip to Um Qais + a contemplation session with Mr. Samer Dhaif at the Gilead Cultural Center.
  • October: Barbecue at Babel Hawa Rest Area + a charity event in support of the “My Right to Play” project, featuring the poet and media personality Zahi Wahbi and the artist Hind Hameed.
  • November: A trip to the Golden Triangle: Wadi Rum, Petra, and Aqaba.


  • Delivering in-kind assistance to 30 families in Al-Balqa, Al-Zarqa, Al-Rusayfah, and Marka.
  • Providing specific financial aid to families facing dire circumstances.
  • Distributing in-kind assistance to 45 families in the Hussein camp.
  • Offering in-kind assistance to 50 male and female students from Senegal.
  • Distributing 27 food parcels in the Talabiya camp in the Zizia area.
  • Transferring monetary amounts to 40 families in the Husn camp through electronic wallets, with each family receiving 25 Jordanian Dinars.
  • Distributing food parcels and cash amounts to 70 families in the Gaza camp.
  • Providing clothing, shoes, and chocolate bags to 25 boys and girls in collaboration with the Al-Musamiya Association in the Bqa’a camp.
  • Conducting repairs on a house that was damaged by fire in the Jordan Valley and offering some financial assistance.


project name: Winter kit distribution for 88 families
partnerships: Emessa
Purpose: Winter kit for 88 families in balqa for refugees and hosting communities.
location: Balqa



project name: my right to play play ground
partnerships: DBL
Purpose: Football play ground facility, Admin room, toillates area were built, this is the only playground established at al Sakneh area, serving all ages .
location: Jordan valley

2015 – 2018

project name: 3rd party monitoring
partnerships: CARE
Purpose: Wash and education.
location: Southren Syria


project name: 3rd party monitoring – EPI assessment
partnerships: WHO / UNICEF
Purpose: Vaccination project.
location: Southren Syria

project name: Salhiyyet al Abed school

partnerships: DBL

Purpose: Salhiyyet al Abed school is located in Marka , project scope School renewvation , class rooms, toilates , labs, play ground, multipurpose room, kids kinder garden , 1200 students are enrolled in this school, capacitiy building work shops were conducted for teachers and students.

location: Marka

project name: Morad al Amal community center

partnerships: MOSD

Purpose: Community center supporting children with special needs in Zarka citiy, this facility is supporting 60 kids below 18 years old, renewvation was done to the building , out door play area , class room for autistic kids was created, bathrooms, class rooms, special functional items were provided.

location: Zarka


project name: Data collection
partnerships: CARE
Purpose: cluster of NGO for data collections for Livelihood projects.
location: Southren Syria

project name: 3rd party monitoring
partnerships: CARE
Purpose: Lattrens.
location: Southren Syria


project name: Data Collection
partnerships: OCHA
Purpose: Schools.
location: Syria


To up to date

project name: Several third party monitoring projects were conducted.