Core Functions:
TAO undertakes a wide range of projects and services to promote human well being and social welfare throughout the following sectors :

1. Protection Sector
TAO long-term interventions aim to prevent communities from risks that may plunge them into devastating implications of poverty, inequity and any reversal prospect of long-term growth. TAO priority interventions is majorly in community-based programs, educational, physical and psychological protection programs.

2. Health Sector
TAO is aiming to achieve healthy communities through essential health and related services needed to promote healthy and productive life. Physical and mental aspects of health are highly correlated and dependent, therefore they are both considered in TAO interventions.

3. Climate Action Sector
TAO will perform several interventions to reflect priorities and objectives toward environmental development in Jordan. The interventions will be in protection of natural resources, encouraging renewable energy and recycling, and a variety of agricultural programs.

4. Cross Cutting Theme
In all the above sectors targeted by TAO, TAO will integrate cross cutting themes into its programs besides women and gender equity are children, elder people and people with disabilities, which are considered as most vulnerable communities. TAO will also participate into programs to ensure adequate and equitable opportunities for these communities, promote all services access and ensure their social, economic and political inclusion.